Session 13

The End

Date Played: August 2nd – 3rd, 2012. 6:30 pm to 11 pm. Also planning after until 1am.
In-World Date: Winter 20th, 998 (calendar)

The three heroes’ story comes to a close. Their actions have changed the fate of Vaknama, but for the better or worse, and how much?

You’re probably wondering how you faired overall. Here’s the significant impacts you had on the future of the setting. I’ll rate the impacts from minor to huge. Minor/Significant/Major/HUGE. I call them quests, but by no means did I intend for you to succeed at them all, or follow each one. I list only the ones you showed direct interest in or directly interacted with. “Success” is loosely defined by what the group wanted. The next group may hate the things Os Deren and Nikon did.

Completed Quests

  • Stopped the Leaking Ritual (Major): Ruined multiple peoples’ plans. Saved 90% of the remaining orcs. Ruka is happy, though she can’t show it.
  • Destroying the Ritual (Significant): Ruined Clyde’s plans and set him back very far.
  • Barthas Clan Rose to Surface (Major): A new player is on the field: a bunch of honor-hungry dwarves. A force to be reckoned with.
  • The Sons of Vaknama (Significant): With a competent leader, the disenfranchised of Sarem are directing their hate at Esbern and the council, not the dwarves and orcs. This also aids the Barthas clan. Who knows what the rebelling may lead to.
  • Oswell’s Duty (Minor): Oswell did what his church asked of him, and has very valuable information. Perhaps he can retire back to his family now.
  • Aiding Beauty and Theln (Minor): You made a NulSeran and his woman happy.

Failed Quests

  • Nikon’s Promotion / Deren’s Honor (Minor): They aren’t dead, but they are definitely disadvantaged. It’s unlikely when/if they do return to the normal world, their goals with be the same.
  • Meril, potentially a powerful ally, was wrongly accused and put to death. (Minor)

Missed Quests

  • Kill Clyde Faskeda (Huge)
  • Darius continues his survival competitions (Major)
  • The Assassin (Minor)

If I’m missing any, please say so.

Summary (By Jess)

Nikon opened the door, leaving the dungeon. With Oss slung around Deren’s shoulder and Nikon leading the mentally disabled Ruka. They all walked down the ramp to the grass. After bickering for 5 minutes about what they should do, they all decided to rest outside of the dungeon. Just before drifting asleep Deren had a epiphany. He remembered the stories his mother would tell him about the dark magic that used to lurk in the shadows of Vaknama. He thought this dungeon being so old that the ritual may have been powered by dark magic. Oss agreed that that was a possibility but they were just wives’ tales. Nikon wouldn’t wake up he seemed very held back about this topic. They all went back to sleep.

Deren woke up. He peeled his eyes open to see an orc, huddled over Ruka and checking her vitals. Deren decided to just act like he was still asleep and let everything work itself out. Deren was still tired though, so he accidentally yawned. The orc whipped around.

The orc approached Deren and introduced himself as cro, an orc from the northern tribe, ocean’s watch. He explained that they were having similar problems to VugDush and surrounding tribes, except they had stalled their “disease spreading machine”.

Deren walked over to checked Ruka’s vitals and was surprised to see she had no pulse and her eyes were fixated on nothing, Deren assumed the worse until Ruka moved her eyes towards him. Relieved Deren returned to his friends and his new acquaintance, cro. Cro introduced himself to Oss and Nikon. Nikon began going deep into study, Oss began praying for Rao’s gifts. Deren and cro consulted more about Cro’s tribe, cro exclaimed that the sickness wasn’t very far off and that he just came down here to see if we knew any information that could help his tribe. Os left his prayer and Nikon stopped studying. After bickering for another 5 minutes, Deren and Os decided to go in with Nikon, since they didn’t quite trust Cro yet. The journey to the secret passage wall went easy and smooth.

When Deren heard Os’ request, he thought he must surely be kidding. Then again, he didn’t know much about Os’ “gifts”, so he picked the overweight Oss up and hesitantly began grinding and pushing Oss against the stone wall. Deren felt terrible for doing this and also slightly enjoyable. Eventually Os sunk through the wall. In amazement Deren watched as the wall opened up. He walked into the crypt, unsure if he’d ever leave again.

In amazement cro said “how did you do that?!” Os explained that the switch opened up a passage in the wall. Enthusiastically cro began playing with the lever and broke the lever off. Os and Deren fruitlessly tried to fix it but it was jammed. They then left the small passage, into the room with multiple circles of the ritual. Nikon began to explain thei purposes to Cro.

Ruka sat in the corner of the room gazing at the center circle of the ritual. Os sat down next to the coat rack and began rummaging through the pockets and examining the fine material. Deren was searching the book shelf and found that there are hidden phials under the notch on the shelves. After a while of explaining, Cro told Os that he would have to see it activated to fully understand how to turn it off. Nikon told him that would be extremely dangerous and that they would need some Arcanum to jump start it, but the phials would do. So Cro began assisting Deren in finding phials on the book shelf.

Eventually Cro began insisting that he and Deren should go to other rooms to look for more phials, Deren agreed and they started venturing down the hall to the next room over which is humongous, Deren forgetting that he couldn’t see without the assistance of his magic friends. He ran back and got Os’s help by placing a gift from rao on his hand, illuminating the darkness.

Deren ran back to Cro, cro said “i think there may be one in there.” Deren was not intimidated as he walked in searching for any bookshelves, crates or large blobs.

All of the sudden everything was silent. No foot steps, no birds chirping, not even breathing. Deren whipped around to run but Cro put his finger up to his mouth and directed Deren to keep moving. Suddenly a large rock beast appeared in front of Deren. Deren turned around and signaled for Cro to sprint out the door but Cro just stood there. A large beast of pure gears and metal appeared behind Cro. Deren realized this was the same beast that struck the deal with Clyde Faskeda. Deren had a sudden moment of clarity, Cro wasn’t who he claimed to be. He didn’t accidentally break the lever. He wanted there to be no escape.

At the wave of a hand Cro made the man of gears disappear. Deren began to sprint for the door, but Cro and his stone man were not long behind. When Deren ran out to the hallway he found himself unable to beckon for help. The large stone behemoth hit Deren in the leg, crippling it and the bone was sticking out from his calf. Deren slipped into unconsciousness.

Nikon was tweaking with the fuel section of the ritual when he seen something moving in the hallway out of his peripheral vision. Assuming that it was just Deren and Cro coming back he said “How much could you find?”. They didn’t respond so Nikon turned and saw Deren getting dragged down the hall. He sprung up and said “Os! Deren’s in trouble!” Not feeling like wasting time, Nikon ran over and slung Os over his shoulder and shuffled quickly out into the hall. In the hall there was blood everywhere and some wreckage. Nikon shouted “Where is Deren?!” Cro exclaimed that Deren had been taken away by a blob. Nikon was still very skeptical, because blobs don’t leave blood or cause wreckage. It seems that Cro was holding something back.

Os slung himself around Cro’s shoulder so he could look down into the water-trap for Deren. To Os’ surprise Cro let go and Os plummeted into the water. Os slipped between the bars and fell deep into the trap. Nikon yelled at Cro, “What do you think you’re doing?!” Cro retorted in a voice completely unfamiliar and definitely not Orc “I have one of your friends drowning and the other bleeding out, if you want them saved then you must work on the ritual.” Nikon was baffled and said “who are you?” Cro responded “that’s not important, now work on the ritual.” Nikon didn’t hesitate, Cro had him under his thumb, he couldn’t do anything. He tossed crow a rope and walked back inside and began working on the machine.

Cro threw down a rope into the trap and after a seconds of Os being submerged. Os, after only minorly scraping himself as he was pulled out of the trap, said “What happened, mate? I thought you had a hold of me.” Cro went back to his Orcish tone and said “Oh sorry I dropped you, Nikon is inside working on the ritual.” “Okay I’ll just keep looking for Deren.” Os suggested.

Os began searching around for Deren or any clues of where he may be. He did a long, slow circuit around the room. At the end of his walk, he bumped into something on the ground he couldn’t see. He kneeled down and heard breathing. Os stuck his hand forward and felt something, like a person but there was no one there. Os suspiciously said “Deren, is that you?” Os then called forth the power of his deity to heal that which he couldn’t see.

Deren woke up. Os was standing next to him and the first words Deren spit out were “Cro is a traitor.” Os assumed he was delirious until Cro came over and wasn’t speaking in an average Orc’s accent. “Just calm down, if your friend works on the ritual fine we can all walk out of here like nothing happened.” Os was completely shocked and exclaimed “Why are you doing this?!” Cro explained that the ritual granted undending life, and as a secondary effect will heal any wounds a person recieves.

Deren tried to get up and pulverize Cro but he was too injured and Os wouldn’t let him. So they all walked back in the ritual room.

Ruka sat in the corner and idly watched as Cro forced Deren to get into the machine. Deren went through and came out completely healed, but completely gone mentally. Cro pointed at a wall, and Deren walked obediantly over and stood patiently.

Nikon, after threats of combat, went through and met the same fate as Deren.

When finally it was Os’ turn, he ripped out the wand they had found and aimed it at the machine and fired. Not much really happened, besides Cro’s amusement. Then Os crawled over to the ritual, while Cro was chuckling with pity. Ruka wished she could help but she was in the back of the carriage and someone else was driving. She had no control.
Os was lost in what to do. Too weak to fight Cro, and with no other other options at his disposal, he prepared himself to die. When Os reached directly outside the ritual, he was struck with an idea. He cast a spell, instantly melting into the stone beside the machine. As he sunk, he tossed his now stone backpack into the lines of the ritual, hoping that maybe he can use himself to at least destroy this vile machine. The major lines of the circles were severed with his actions.

The ground shook violently. A blinding light and fire erupted in all directions.

Pieces of the ritual and the temple itself were scattered miles around.

Os laid under a pile of what seemed to be rocks and waited to hear footsteps. Then there was a booming yell “Where the hells is he?! When I find him I will kill him!” OS decided it would be best to stay hidden for now. After laying under the rocks for a bit there was another voice, it was familiar and it said “Hello Is there anybody out there?”. Os assumed that it was just Cro trying to trick him again so he stayed where he was. After a bit he heard the sounds of spells being cast and then the galloping of horses. He decided it was safe to stand up. There was carnage all around him for as far as the eye could see. Bits of rock still raining down from the sky, he was no longer underground in the dungeon. He immediately began searching for his comerades. He found legs of a pale man and an arm of a Vacnamese man. More searching only revealed a gray-green orc hand. He had killed his friends, in destroying the machine, but in doing so, perhaps have saved them from a far worse fate.

Os decided there was nothing more to do here and thought out his escape plan. he was going to return to the The Bubbling Hearth, spend the adamantium to get his leg back and help retrieve Aaron’s, but most importantly warn his church of the possible storm of dark magic that is spreading. Finally, he’d go home to his family and tell them about his adventure with his friends Deren, Nikon and Teal’K. Os turned his back on the ruins, unsure of what the future would hold, but determined to not let his friend’s deaths be in vain.*

Somewhere, not far away, a man rode on a horse. His disguise of orc skin fading away. Beside him rode the remains of an Adrugan wizard, Vaknamese warrior, and an Orc survivor. Though their bodies were mangled and missing various pieces, their eyes were alive, and somewhere, deep inside their heads, they screamed.

Award Gem Critiques

I think everyone did really good this game. Everyone beat their average scores too!

Jess (2.5 gems)

  • Acting: Thank you for making effort to remain in character. I could usually tell when you were IC, I think it was because you had a minor gruff inflection in your voice. Also when Deren was injured and felt betrayed I think I heard real emotion. Your miming when in the silent area was also nice, though I’m not sure if you were just being silly, as you too often are. I’ll give it to ya. Good 2/4. One gem.
  • Depth: Deren was aggressive to Crow, despite being woefully injured, but he wasn’t dumb enough to attack without Os. On the other hand, he made no attempt to leave the circle when placed into it. Was this surrender? I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt here, considering you are showing much more depth than you have the past few games. Good. 2/4. A gem.
  • Participation: You were more active this game at certain parts. At other parts, someone literally had to yell your name to pull you from texting. Adequate 1/4. Half of a gem.

Sam (3 gems)

  • Acting: The accent returns, or at least it did 15 minutes into the game. Good. 2/4. A gem.
  • Depth: Nikon showed a bit of grit, but decided to lay down and be a slave to Crow instead of stand up and fight. This performance seemed quite similar to Deren’s. Good. 2/4. A gem.
  • Participation: Nikon was definitely leading things this game, or at least was leading where Crow pointed. He sought the opinions of his friends too, and in a reasonable time. Good 2/4. A gem.

Dave (4.5 gems) (Fixed, thanks Sam)

  • Acting: A well defined voice and emotional spectrum. Os is a real boy, all right. Also you played ignorant of Crow’s intentions so well. Great. 3/4. One and a half gems.
  • Depth: Os was the one person not to buckle under Crow’s orders. He sooner would die than allow this man to spread his dark magic. Fortunately, he survived his noble self sacrifice. Amazing. 4/4. 2 gems.
  • Participation: Oswell did everything I thought he should have, and more. Though you has an instance or three or bringing things up OOC that are potentially damaging to IC. You did catch yourself once. Hah! Good with the bad, I’d say. . . Good 2/4. A gem.


New characters are in the works, as is a section of the story arc. Every time there is a TPK, I think I will progress the story one season, so the new date will be Spring 20th. Please text me any ideas you have about characters. I’m trying to work out a way everyone can get what they want and the story still be coherent. What I’m trying to untangle right now is. . .
Jess wants to play a paladin stationed in Sarem, holy quest type.
Dave wants to play a rogue running from his homeland, and searching for answers for his studies.
Sam wants to play a cleric. Though I’m not sure if dwarf, Vak or Nul. Also not sure if he would worship a chaos deity like Ralishaz or a more traditional deity like Moradin.
Linking these three may be a challenge.
The sooner we do, the sooner I can get a story arc planned.


Gimmee all dem gems.

Do you know when we can roughly expect a summary from Jess? Just wondering.

Also, should we post our character ideas/stories on here somewhere so that we can all see where each of us are coming from?

Session 13

I don’t know when Jess is posting the summary. I’ve asked him not to be too long about it.

Sure, you can post character concepts and all of that. Try not to give away anything too secret though.

Session 13

i’m working on the summary now. it wasn’t surrender, i thought it was going to fix me and we were going to walk out of there all fixed then just come back later and destroy it (couldn’t have said that, cro was there and that would have been WAAAAAAYYYY out of charecter knowledge) plus i kinda had no health and a noodle for a leg. i figured nikon would fire ball him or some crap cause he’s the only stable one. but it was a GREAT game, branson next time i see you i want to talk about a suggestion for the new charecters.

R.I.P. Ruka, Deren and Nikon (for now)

Session 13

i can’t exactly figure out where to put the summary o until i do i’ll just work on it in notepad

Session 13

You can probably email the summary to Branson, or save it on your computer and let him post it later?

I’m going to miss Deren and Nikon and Ruka, especially since the world will think they are dead, but hopefully we get the opportunity to save them, and to meet Oswell. That would be rad.

Session 13


Session 13

Hey Sam, why does your new character have so many names? And also, isn’t he supposed to be part of the House of Barthas? Just wondering.

Session 13

Koloth T’Rok this first and last name, D’Gor is my clan name. I don’t mind being in the bar this clan but don’t think it would work being that I am not…? How should I say… socially inclined as other dwarfs are and don’t think I’d be very accepted by them.

Session 13

Why do Klingons like apostrophes so much?

Jess promises the summary will be soon. Like tomorrow. Sorry for the delay. I don’t know what’s up with him.

Session 13


Good summary. Very good summary. You should write more often. You have a real knack for it, and with some practice and polish, you could develop it into an incredible and amazing skill.


Jess and Sam: You both did rather well this game. No real complaints, other than you guys gave in a bit too easily, but then again, I didn’t do much, as Oswell, to sway or convince you guys from giving in. And anyways, I think we got a slightly better ending than what the DM expected us to get, so not bad, guys. I’d say this is our first every successful party, even though 2 of us were met with bad endings.

So, this was our first ever win, if you want to look at it that way.

Branson: Not sure if there is much to critique this game. It was a lot of fun, a great way to end the party, and a great way to lead to the next chapter of this campaign. I do feel like we were set up to lose this encounter and that we only really “won” due to blind luck on Oswell’s part. Granted, that is fine, since, not every encounter can be won in real life. I really liked the game though, and it was one of my favorite endings to a party so far.


Once again, great summary Jess. Totally worth the wait.

Session 13

sorry for the wait i’m a retard but thanks dave. Thank you branson for crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s but man, you changed my ending! haha it’s okay you just killed my baby. just kidding it’s fine, your’s was probably better anyways.

Everyone did good this game. i really wish i could have resisted getting into the machine but i just didn’t know what to do. Nice party ender i’ll enjoy seeing you reincarnated.

Session 13

Dave is the one that tagged on the very last paragraph. I did a few minor fixes, like when you forgot a small section I shoved it in while modifying as little as possible. I was minimalist.
Looking over it,I see Dave added more than just that ending. He even fixed my fixes.
As I told you before, a very good summary, Jess.

Session 13

Yeah, I changed the ending a little bit, and fixed a few parts that seemed worded a bit weird. A couple words were overlooked as well. Oswell wasn’t too hopeful at the end, he was actually pretty sad. And I added the part about the bad guy and Derren and Nikon. It was the way Bransin described it, and I really liked that, so felt it needed to be included in. Especially since Derren and Nikon may return later, and it would be a pain to explain they never actually died.

I didn’t change much though. Changed like… 3 sentences, and added the extra bit at the end.

Session 13

While the game me be on hold for sometime, I’d like it to be know it was a lot of fun & I miss hanging out with you guys. Hope to see you all again sometime soon.

Session 13

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