Gubdish (Deceased)


An immensely muscular, tall and fat orc. He is amongst the strongest orcs, but probably not the very strongest. He definitely is the very fattest though. He wore a wrought-iron crown and minimal leather armor. He wielded a kordurat (Orcish PickHammer).


He was thought to be the sole remaining survivor of the Blood Gulch orc clan.
The journal of an adviser reveals he was put in charge after other smaller chieftains fell sick and died. His mental state crumbled with the tribe.
He was discovered along many dead orcs posed as if they were doing everyday tasks with some sort of preservative wax.
He became enraged when Deren called him a liar, and attempted to kill Deren. The group brought him down after a dangerous combat. He fought until his last breath.
His crown was removed and placed upon his adviser.

Gubdish (Deceased)

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