Kunak Gro'VugDush

Chieftan of Vugdush


An immensely muscular orc. He wears a circlet of crude-iron proudly. His body is lined with the scars of many combats. His grim demeanor and coldly appraising eyes are off-putting. He wears armors made of molded-bone and animal hide. He always keeps his kordurat close at hand.


Kunak is the chieftain of Vugdush, and it doesn’t look like he got to his position by diplomacy. He is very protective of his people.
The group had diplomatic tensions with Kunak when Deren failed to observe orc customs. Luckily, Ruka wagered her exile upon the success of the group curing the disease. Kunak has little patience for the humans.

Kunak Gro'VugDush

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