Oswell Finnigan (Retired)

Father, husband, and priestly worshipper of the Gods.



Oswell is a towering figure of a man, standing at nearly six and a half feet tall. He is a wide man, with arms and legs as thick as trunks and hands as calloused as bark from years of farm work. He has thick, dark wooly hair and the poorly fixed remnants of a broken nose marring his face. Despite his hard appearance, Oswell almost always wears a smile, and even when serious, he seems to have a very personable and friendly demeanor. His eyes are a light, yet dull, gray. They have seen many hard and painful years, etched by slight wrinkles and scarring on his face, and there is always a tinge of sadness mixed with his smiles. Oswell does not speak of his past, nor of his fears, despite his typical honest nature, but he is more than welcoming to people of all sorts, coming from all walks of life.


  • Jean – Wife, 32. A small and slight woman, with a fierce and strong personality, opposite her husband.
  • Belle – Daughter, 12. She possesses her father’s height but her mother’s open personality.
  • Rory – Son, 10. Quiet and meek, and unlike his father, he is a very thin and bookish child.


  • Church of Rao – A current member of the church of Rao. They are very active in Oswell’s life and occasionally will send him off to do work the church.
  • The Lost Boys – A group of (mostly disbanded) thieves and thugs from the capital of Vaknama, Saran. Oswell is no longer a part of this gang, not for many years, but he occasionally keeps in touch and sends letters to the men he once considered brothers.
  • Thelm’s Cross – Oswell’s home. He has a farm here, and is a member of the community. Though small, him and his neighbors are tightly knit, and like a large, extended family.
  • Clan of Barthas – A clan in Sarem, in which Oswell and Deren are currently helping grow.
  • Sons of Vaknama – A resistance group in the underbelly of Sarem, which Oswell, Deren, and Nikon have managed to get drawn into.


Oswell Finnigan was born in a small village in the outskirts of a large forest. His mother dotted on him and was the village’s local alchemist and his father was a wood-worker and carpenter. He lived an easy life, filled with learning practical knowledge from his father and with helping the community. When he was young, around the age of 8, his village was razed to the ground by a warring army intent on sending a message to their enemies. Oswell watched the murder of his family and community as he hid within a small and cramped barrel. For 5 days the army occupied his home and for 5 days he hid, trapped, and unable to escape the confines of the barrel, for fear of his death. When the army finally left his small village, Oswell weakly crawled out of the barrel, and seeing nothing left of his village, made his way despairingly into the forest.

(His small village never made an impact on anyone. It’s destruction was the removal of any proof that people had existed there, and to this day, is still not noted on any maps aside from the one which exists in Oswell’s head.)

Oswell eventually made his way to a port city, weeks after the attack on his village. He had survived on basic hunting and wilderness oriented skills that he had learnt from his father, but was still greatly malnourished and far from settled. Once he arrived at the port city, he joined a gang of young miscreants, all who were fascinated by his practical wilderness knowledge, and he became an official member of the Lost Boys. Over the next 2 years, Oswell rose from the runt of the litter to one of the leading members of the gang, his size growing with his reputation. Now standing at a good foot over many of the boys he had previously been smaller than, he had not only the ability to lead others, but the size to impose his rank.

(The Lost Boys was a small gang of thieves, filled mostly with children. As the children grew older, they eventually departed from the gang, though very few actually turned to a life of crime. Despite the fact that the Lost Boys were notorious for being pickpockets, they were actually notated more notoriously as a mischievous group of kids, only stealing what they needed to eat. Even though the gang no longer exists today, many of the members still keep in contact with each other.)

Oswell’s fate changed drastically the following year, around the time he turned 11, when he ran into a group of foreigners that turned out to be priests.They were worshippers of Rao, the God of mercy and peace. The foreigners were actually in the city to help negotiate a peace between their nation and a warring neighbor. Oswell, when he saw them as an easy target, attempted to pickpocket the priests but failed and was caught. The guard threw him in the dungeon with plan to “deal” with him, but it was the priests of Rao who intervened. They managed to negotiate Oswell’s release, and then proceeded to feed him. While with them, the priests keenly told Oswell that they believed that he had a gift with communing with the Gods, and asked if they could test him. Oswell, uncertain about the goals of these foreigners, agreed, though cautiously.

(The worshippers of Rao are most often used to help mediate treaties or meetings between nobles and governments. They oversee the fairness of trades and help negotiate in many matters.)

The priests tested Oswell’s connection with the Gods, as well as his ability to understand the world around him and pass judgement on it. Once they were satisfied that he not only was one who had an innate ability to commune with the Gods, but also was one who possessed wisdom, they asked if he would like to join them. Oswell, convinced that the life he was living was not the one he wanted, joined the priests as they left the port city, and headed back to their temple. It wasn’t an easy life, as Oswell spent the next 10 years of his life toiling and studying, two things he wasn’t used to. Still, over the years he grew, not only in height and size, but also in reputation and in kindness. His fellow priests saw him as a determined youth, one whose mercy rivaled that of Rao. One who had managed to put his past behind him, and forgive those who had caused so much harm to his life. Even though Oswell still had so much to experience and learn, he was already lightyears beyond many in understanding human nature and the importance of life. It was when Oswell was 24, rising in the ranks of priesthood, that he met his downfall. She was a beautiful woman and her name was Jean.

It had become second nature for Oswell to travel with his brother and sister priests to the neighboring cities, where they would settle disputes over territories and help governing officials cast fair votes to the citizens. It was on one of these travels where Oswell first met Jean. Their meeting was nothing special. Rushing to the city hall, running late for a meeting, Oswell bumped into a flower girl, spilling from her arms, a load of flowers. Hastily apologizing, Oswell helped the woman pick up her flowers, before rushing on his way. He never gave her a second thought, that was until, he showed up at the city hall meeting. He arrived to a chorus of arguments, farmers and nobles demanding more of each other, with no end in sight. Oswell saw his brother and sister priests beckoning towards him and he approached. As they deliberated, one of his sisters noticed that he had been clutching a flower. When she pointed out to Oswell what he was holding, he was flabbergasted, he had accidentally taken a flower from the flower girl without realizing it. As the meeting adjourned he set out into the city to search out the flower girl and return what he stolen.

Hours passed and with no hope of finding Oswell began to give up, when he was smacked from behind with a bouquet of of flowers.

“Thief!”, cried the voice in anger.

Oswell finally laid eyes upon the flower girl whom he had bumped into and stolen a flower from. Jean. She was small, her body thin and slight, where he possessed arms that were nearly as large as her body. She was as beautiful and delicate as a flower. He was smitten instantly. He apologized profusely and returned the flower, but that did nothing to abate Jean’s anger at him. The following week, Oswell forsake his clerical duties in an attempt to woo Jean, to win her over and make her forgive him. She remained every bit as angry and distant as the first day. Finally it was time for him and his brother and sister priests to return to their temple. As Oswell approached the city gates, Jean stood there waiting for him. He stared at her, speechless, when she finally approached him and then kissed him. Oswell, stunned, knew at that moment that he had found his true calling in life, to love this woman. He refused to return with his fellow priests to their temple and it was at that point that he left their order. There was much debate and argument among his brothers and sisters, but after much deliberation, they agreed that if he felt the desire to leave, then it was not up to them to force him to stay. Saying goodbye to his 3rd home, Oswell began courting the beautiful Jean as he worked slight clerical duties within the port city.

Years passed. Eventually Oswell married Jean and the two of them left the city. They found a small town, far out of the way, where they started a family. When Oswell was 26, Jean gave birth to a daughter, Belle, and 2 years later, gave birth to their son, Rory. Now, 10 years later, Oswell lives peacefully with his family. He aims to work to give them the life they deserve. A life free of hardships and full of love.

Oswell returns from his adventures. Thinking his friends are dead, and knowing horrible things about Vaknama’s history, he must make it back to his order, to warn them of the return of dark magic.

He has managed to save Sarem and countless lives. He has given his friends Nikon and Deren the best mercy he can give them, death, and now wants nothing more than to retire to his family and live a life away from all troubles.

The real question is, how long will his peace last?

Oswell Finnigan (Retired)

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