Ruka Gro'VugDush

An Orc that came to Sarem searching for a cure for her dying tribe.


Ruka stands about 6 and a half feet tall and has a slightly wide frame packed tight with well-defined muscle. She’s a bit reserved around the people of Sarem.


Ruka met Deren during his week-long helotship. Deren helped Ruka get rid of Herman, a man who hated and tormented her due to her race. She saved Deren’s life when he was attacked by Phil, and nearly lost her life in the process. Deren took care of her and had Oswell heal her. Deren and Os vowed to help her tribe with its sickness, of which she gives away few details.

She is learning Vaknamese at a rapid pace, and reading Vaknamese books.
She enjoyed herself at The Arena, where she fought for awareness of her tribe in hopes of finding a medicine man. She defeated the fighter Timet in a single swing, but then was narrowly defeated by Oswell.

She speaks very openly to Deren and Aaron, the proprietor of The Bubbling Hearth.

After entering a fighting tournament, and only winning one match, she seemed in much higher spirits.

After returning to her people, she seems much more jovial. That is, when she is not directly encountering something relating to death or dealing with any chieftains.

Ruka Gro'VugDush

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