Breathing Suit

A strange apparatus which allows one to breathe underwater.


A strange looking suit connected to a helmet. There are strange cylinders located on it’s back, with tubes connecting them to the helmet. The suit is rusted and has many holes within it.


This suit belongs to Amol Barthas, and is one of the many items that was stolen from him. The party finds this suit in the observatory to the sewer system, and decide to venture into the dangerous sewers to reclaim it. When they arrive, they must fight off acidic, slime-like creatures in order to retrieve it. The suit is destroyed, implying that the slime creatures must have caused the death of whoever had used it last.

Though the part is unsure, there are speculations that the suit was stolen by someone who needed access to the sewers, and more importantly, needed to find or hide something at the bottom of the sewage collection. Unable to explore the sewers safely, the party moves on.


  • Quest: Barthas Uprising
  • Sub-quest: Into the Sewers (completed)
  • Lead: Dwarven Murders (abandoned)

Breathing Suit

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