Award Gems

Award Gems are judged upon three criteria: acting, depth and participation. Each of these criteria will be judged on a scale of 0 to 4.

The Scale
0 – Poor. This needs work. Think of it as a D on a report card.
1 – Adequate. You’re getting by well enough. Like a C.
2 – Good. Adding value to the game, making it run smooth, or an overall good job. Like a B.
3 – Great. Really trying. Doing very well. If everyone was 3/4 at all times, the game would almost run itself.
4 – Amazing. This can be hard to achieve. Above and beyond what I could expect. Think of this as an S on a video game report card, like what Resident Evil or Viewtiful Joe gives you for a perfect score.

Every two points in any category earns an award gem.

The Three Types

Acting: This is how well you portray your character. This can include accents, speech patterns, mannerisms, vocabulary, portraying passion and a lot of other things.

Depth: This reveals something unique about your character. At its weakest, it is a mention of your past. At its strongest, it is risking your own life for a cause you believe in.

Participation: How involved you were in the game. Players, through effort and creative activity, can not only drive the plot, but can make the world around them more alive and interesting. Don’t be afraid to occasionally treat D&D like a text-based game. “I inspect wall hangings”.

It occurs to me that with this new system it is easier to get larger numbers of gems. For this reason, don’t be surprised if balancing changes come in the future. It’s still a work in progress.

Award Gems

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