Barthas Uprising

Amol’s Stolen Items

These are the items Oswell, Deren, Tealc (deceased) and later Content Not Found: nicon had to recover for Amol. He requires them to form his own clan on the surface. Those four agreed to assist Amol free of charge after the first few items had been retrieved, in hopes of garnering favor with his clan.


Cold Iron Dwaraven Waraxe: given freely by Squib. The group helped her with a quickling which was harassing her regardless
Mithral Breastplate: Bought from Hidey, an illiterate sailor with no head for numbers. The group tricked him quite easily into accepting much less money than he wanted.
Breathing Suit: Recovered from the central waste vat in the sewers. The group had to fight off amoeba and carefully repel down slick tunnels. Deren even had to jump in.
Deluxe Crossbow: A scoped crossbow with adjustable tension. Retrieved from the third island from Sarem at a survival competition with the Suhl Meril and the Vak Darius. The competition ended up to be some sort of murder filled fiasco that isn’t entirely solved as of yet. This eventually lead to legal trouble.
Obsidian Table: Was in possession of Clyde Faskeda, who wanted the group to do some arcane experimentation, until the city watch was brought upon him. Clyde fled, and the table was rigged with explosive runes, which it survived upon detonating upon Deren, Oswell and two unsuspecting watchmen. This caused legal trouble.


Obsidian Chest: Dionasus currently has this item, and is making the party recruit members for his new group, the Sons of Vaknama, in order to get it back.


Amol also wants a clanhold on the surface; a task he hopes the group can help him with.

Barthas Uprising

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