How It Works

The calendar is split into four seasons, and is tracked by season instead of month.

Each season is 91 days in length. Each season also has its equinox or solstice in on the 45th. The coldest day of winter is Winter 45. Spring 1 is the first of the new year, and is located halfway between the winter solstice and fall equinox.

Events Thus Far

Winter 1, 998

  • Teal’c, Oswell, Deren and Phil meet.
  • A dangerous outlaw is captured for Amol Barthas.
  • Deren is gravely injured.
  • Met Theln and his lovely troll girlfriend, Beauty. They worship Ralishaz together.
  • Theln beings healing Deren for a strange price: a curse, gold and an outfit for Beauty.

Winter 2, 998

  • Theln finishes healing Deren.
  • Teal’c’s impromptu charity results in 2 wounded.
  • Beauty goes on an errand.
  • Heroes reocver cold-iron war-axe from Squib. Kill Quickling that was harassing her.
  • A trip to the golden letter
  • Attempts to purchase armor from illiterate sailor Hidey failed.

Winter 3, 998

  • Phil leaves the heroes for a better paying career. Purchases wig for Beauty, leaves with remaining heroes.
  • Os assists in swindling Hidey out of his armor. This works due to his weak math skills.
  • The heroes begin preparations for a trip through the sewers to recover Amol’s missing breathing suit.

Winter 4, 998

Winter 5, 998

  • The heroes head to an island off of Sarem’s coast to recover Amol’s missing deluxe crossbow from a “survival competition”.
  • The island was a murder trap. The group captures two apparent psychopaths and turns them in to the Sarem Watch.
  • Deren attends a rally for the disenfranchised Vaknamese losing their homes.

Winter 6, 998

  • The heroes meets Clyde Faskeda at the Stopped Bullette, in hopes of recovering an obsidian table for Amol.
  • Clyde hires the heroes for some arcane experimentation in the hills. He demands that all this work be secret, as is their meetings.
  • The heroes go shopping for a troll lady in need.
  • Deren attacks the other heroes in their sleep, taken in an animal rage. The heroes theorize that he was infected by one of the men on the island, they’d later know him as Meril.

Winter 7, 998

  • The heroes are met by the girlfriend of Darius, begging for an alliance against the coming charges. The heroes collectively shrug, and commit to nothing.
  • The heroes are questioned by the Sarem Watch detective Colton about the murders on that island. They are being accused by Darius. A priest named Meril is without hope of not being convicted.
  • Oswell convinces Meril he is caught with some disease that makes him rage and attack others, and that it is not his fault. Meril gains a little faith, and decides to fight for his case.
  • Teal’c betrays Clyde Faskeda to the detectives. This results in the death of detective Colton and two Watchmen by incendiary trap. Deren and Oswell rally nobles to put out the ensuing fires.
  • A strange series of events leads the heroes to violating their parole, and many other crimes that can’t quite be pinned on them. They are taken into custody. The heroes are unsure of who actually committed the crime, and had not found any leads or evidence throughout the city.

Winter 8, 998

  • Very early. Deren and Meril have the temporary insanity in their cells. Teal’c convinces Darius to talk him down in return for an unspecified favor at a later date. Darius successfully talks Deren down, and Deren becomes calm before Detective Phent returns. Meril does not calm down. This looks very bad for his case.
  • Councilor Bolton judges the cases of all involved. The heroes are judged poorly, being surrounded by so much death, but are only convicted of parole violation officially. Deren has a week’s helotship. Oswell is exiled for just under a week, and ordered to return to his church for guidance. Teal’c, being a hobgoblin and barely tolerated, was permanently exiled. Meril was convicted of the murders, and was executed briefly after the trial. Darius gets off with a few days in prison.
  • Exile begins.
  • Teal’c wanders the outskirts of Sarem, awaiting the return of his friends.
  • Deren begins working his helotship on a pig farm with a crass human and a somewhat miserable orc.
  • Oswell has nice conversations with the carriage driver as they drive cross-country.

Winter 11, 998

  • Phil attacks Oswell not long before he reaches his church. He claims his hand is forced by Clyde Faskeda. Os barely survives, and Phil escapes with minor injuries.
  • When faced with the decision to help his new orc friend, Ruka, or his new human friend, Herman, Deren chooses Ruka. Herman is severely punished when Deren reveals he had tricked Ruka into killing a pig. Herman is removed from the farm.

Winter 13, 998

  • Deren attacked by Phil. Ruka, having taken a liking to Deren, helped him despite his protests. Phil escaped with minor injuries. Ruka was horribly maimed. Deren struck a deal with the watchman to get drugs and less work so he may tend to Ruka, and he wouldn’t report the event.

Winter 14, 998

  • Teal’c attacked by Phil. Phil, using a potion of invisibility provided by his patron, ruined Teal’c’s rage. Phil then beat Teal’c to death.

Winter 16, 998

  • (Early) Os returns. He searches for Teal’c with no luck.
  • A strange package is found from Clyde Faskeda. Nikon, a paper mage, reveals it is not dangerous directly, but to be cautious.
  • Deren is released. He meets with Os.
  • With Deren’s help, Teal’c is found buried not far from Sarem. All his belongings intact, except his journal.
  • The package form Clyde is opened. They are given the option to be at peace with Clyde or declare war, via the choice of an orb and shattering it. Oswell nearly declares war, when he sees the names of his and Deren’s family upon it. They choose peace. A strange metallic man appears and brokers a pact of peace between the heroes and Clyde, the penalty for breaking this pact being death.

Winter 17, 998

  • Amol refers the group to Nikon to aid in finding the last of his items, an obsidian chest.
  • The heroes meets Dionasus, the man in charge of the Sons of Vaknama. They agree to help him recruit members to his group.
  • The heroes enter the arena. Oswell gets to the semi-finals. They manage to recruit a large amount of new members to the Sons.

Winter 18, 998

  • Traveling to VugDush with Ruka to help her tribe with a horrid disease.
  • Meeting and upsetting the chieftain.
  • Research on the origin of the disease begins.

Winter 19, 998

  • Notes deciphered. Realize data required from Blood Gulch, nearby unresponsive orc tribe.
  • Travel to Blood Gulch. Find dead bodies posed as if alive. Chieftain mad with grief pushed into combat via insults.
  • Data point found. Origin discovered. Travel to find strange dungeon.
  • Dungeon entered. Gelatinous Cubes fought. Strange ritual stopped. Ruka near-vegatative.

Winter 20, 998

  • Group leaves dungeon and rests. Awoken by Crow, an orc. He beckons them back inside to help his tribe.
  • Crow is no orc, nad betrays the group. Deren and Nikon are run through the ritual. Those two and Ruka are under his command. Oswell refuses to comply, and stonemelds his backpack into the circle, causing a catastrophic explosion. Os barely survives. Crow rides off with what remains of the still-living bodies of the other three. Campaign section over.


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