Deities are much like the ones you know and love form the past, but with some slight differences. All deities now no longer have strict alignment requirements. There are evil clerics of Pelor and good clerics of Erythnul. This often causes battles between two different sects. Many followers of deities realize that his power can be used for personal gain or for everyone’s good. Deities still do have requirements though, to be a cleric of one. Some deities do not allow certain alignments.
An example
Before this change, every cleric of Pelor was of neutral good alignment, or near it. Pelor loves all the intelligent humanoids, and wants no one to be hurt. His power of the sun and healing help all, and he teaches mercy and compassion.
After this change, Pelor is the god of the sun, mercy and healing. Those who worship him believe the sun, healing and mercy are the ways to enlightenment, whether at the expense of others or helping them. An evil cleric of Pelor has mercy, and will always coup-de-grace his enemies, so they do not suffer after death. Or a particularly vile cleric of Pelor may deem it a mercy to kill the weak swiftly, so they do not suffer long deaths of get in the way of the strong.


Alignment: Any chaotic
The Unlooked For, Lady/Lord of Fate, God/Goddess of Change, The Destiny
Domains: Chaos, Whimsy, Madness, Luck, Destruction

Ralishaz is a deity very different from all others. He/she is often visualized as a humanoid of constantly shifting race, species and gender. He/she is best described through his/her clergy. The followers of Ralishaz are a hard to define bunch. In brief: they oppose too much structure or power in one place, they approach things from odd angles and think outside the box, they have an affinity for the insane both helpful and detrimental and they are agents of chaos.

There is such a thing as destiny. Destiny is a mysterious thing. Many wish to control destiny. Gods and men alike throttle destiny, constricting its course through scheming and power. Priests of Ralishaz don’t like this. They believe that fate should still have a say. That no man should have too much power. Tyrants should be downsized. Even the priest of Ralishaz with the kindest heart has at least a little anarchy in him.

Fate Itself
Even destiny itself isn’t a set thing. It’s fluid and unpredictable, but it is also wise and to be revered. Fate best shows itself through chance, as does Ralishaz. This makes Tarot and Harrow cards quite loved by the clergy. There are more than a few fortune-tellers amongst the clergy. (Fortune-Telling is a class skill)

Madness and Insight
Ralishaz demands his/her followers approach situations from many different angles and, if all other things be equal, take a non-traditional approach. Change and strangeness are to be valued. Many mistake priests of Ralishaz to be utterly insane when they are seen to live in burnt-out warehouses with trolls; drinking fine wine and sleeping on the dirty floor. But this is quite sane, and beneficial. The troll is a lovely companion and provides great protection, the floor is warm enough, the win is delicious and intoxicating and you can’t beat the rent price on the warehouse (none). Despite this, some still do succumb to madness. This is probably due to how other people stay so distant from “those lunatics”. The madness they succumb to is almost always livable though, and mainly quirky. Priests are often very adept at dealing with the insane, and nursing them back to health. Rumor has it that a priest can even teach a creature that is insane at birth, such as a troll, to wear a dress and curtsy to people.

Good Aligned Priests
A follower of good alignment does all he can to upset the schemes of the greedy and evil, and free the impoverished of that fate shoved upon them. He knows that, in some kinds of chaos, every man can live to his full potential. Governments or powerful organizations that appear to be good need not be destroyed, but it’d only a matter of time before they turn sour and evil.

Neutral Aligned Priests
A follower of neutral alignment does not typically wish a man harm, unless that man hurt someone or something he cares for. He has few qualms about destroying any governments, plans or organizations that get in his way or offend him. He most likely values intelligent life until it shows a reason not to be valued, and will not kill without sufficient reason. Clearing the building of the janitorial staff before you blow it up is a good idea. Some neutral priests, truly insane, care very little for anything except fate itself. They thrive in chaos itself.

Evil Aligned Priests
A follower of evil alignment wants to watch the world burn and be reborn anew. The schemers will fall, and the ensuing chaos will be the most beautiful thing that can happen to humanity. For the best possible example, see The Joker in the film The Dark Knight.

Relations with other deities
Ralishaz’s allegiances waver to and fro. He may sit stoically with Rao one day, formulating a peace between to warring empires. The next, he rides with Erythnul into the fields of slaughter. His/her love of change and hate of plans often put her at odds with any number of deities at any given time.

Specific Prayers, Rituals and Behaviors
As previously mentioned, followers of Ralishaz are a varied lot, and have few conventions, since they are forced to think non-conventionally. Prayers, rituals and behaviors vary wildly. Regardless, a few examples that can be used for morning meditation, prayers in general or just plain normal behaviour. . .

  • Say any word, phrase of noise that comes to mind. It need not make sense. This awakens the chaos within one’s mind.
  • Even when in the throes of madness, never cease to be a polite and perfectly refined gentleman.
  • Attempt to convince unintelligent creatures or objects to perform an action, or scry into their thoughts. “Come now, squirrel, why do you hide your nuts? Pray with me.”
  • Babble incoherently. Make up a nonsense song.
  • Try your best to speak in reverse, when not in important conversation of course.
  • Chew on your beard.
  • Try to discern destiny by locking eyes with someone without warning. Soft gargling noises optional.
  • Be a perfectly refined gentleman, when one should not be.
  • Try to explain things by being “fate”, despite evidence to the contrary. You just have to believe.
  • Upon attacking an enemy, show concern, and treat him as if not an enemy. “Oop, look out for my sword, mate, there you go. Oh, looks like you got a cut there. Be sure to patch it up if you survive!”
  • State your desires, no matter how lecherous, as if you were requesting a glass of water. “Hello Miss. A nice shop you have. I’d like to fornicate with you.”
  • Under-react. “Oh. The entire city is going to burn down. . . I could sure use a bit to eat.”
  • Draw a few cards of your tarot deck and strike up a conversation. With the cards.
  • Most of all, be varied. Keep people guessing. Stagnation is evil. Remember that you are still a reasonable creature, though, and will not endanger yourself, your allies or your goals overmuch for no apparent reason.


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