legal trouble

This page will host run ins with the city watch and other authorities.

The Murders at the Third Island
Meril, the Suhl priest of Obad-Hai, was found guilty and hung. Darius was given three days under observation in the prison.

The Murder of Detective Colton and two city watchmen
Clyde Faskeda is currently wanted for questioning

The evasion of an assigned city watchmen and violation of parole
Teal’c was exiled permanently from the city, after which he was promptly murdered by Phil. Oswell was sent to seek discipline from his church and given a 6 day exile. Deren was given a one week helotship.

Threatening of city watch officials attempting to vacate a repossessed house
Councilman Bolton confirmed a loophole that left the house under ownership of the current occupant. A warning was issued to those threatening the watchmen. Councilman Bolton deigned processing these individuals not worth the paperwork.

legal trouble

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