Player Factions

This page is for player’s looking to make a new character, and want them to be part of an existing faction (highly recommended). Also home of the adopt-an-npc program.

VugDush Tribe
  • Group Purpose: Varied. Many simply wish the tribe to prosper. Orc motives can be varied, just like human.
  • Individual Role: Gather a certain resource for the clan. Realize that the world is so much bigger than your tribe, and decide to explore it. Search the world for the meaning of your gift and curse (shaman only).
  • Classes: Rangers are common charting orc territory and controlling the ecosystem. Barbarians are highly valued for their skill in hunt and battle. Shaman are rare and prized treasures, providing guidance and divine magic; though their paths often lead them away from the tribe for periods of time.
  • Other Classes: Fighters are rare, as martial training in tribes is more hands on. Any arcane caster is unheard of within the tribes. A lack of proper religious reverence makes clerics and paladins incredibly rare.
  • RP Opportunities: Learn of human culture for the first time. Treat everyone with respect, but none with bootlicking reverence, and only insult those you wish to combat either playfully or seriously. Be a master of animals, using them as tools. Be a mysterious outsider with unusual powers that even you don’t understand (shaman). Revere your ancestors. Be very very strong, though less than charming and a bit slow at learning!
Clan Barthas
  • Group Purpose: Establish a presence on the surface. Bring honor to their name. Be a righteous and powerful clan.
  • Individual Role: Do anything necessary for the clan, or be a newcomer to the surface who is devoted to the clan and wants to help out, but really wants an excuse to explore the surface world.
  • Classes: Fighter is most common. A strong religious community breeds quite a few clerics and paladins. Pugalists(monks) also occasionally emerge. Any other class is increasingly rare. Notice that all dwarves are trained from childhood to be melee combatants. If you are planning on playing a dwarf prior to level 4, you either left your training early or have not yet reached adulthood.
  • Other Classes: It’s quite rare for a dwarf to be something besides a fighter, cleric, paladin, warrior (NPC class) or pugalist. It would require a lot of explaining.
    *RP Opportunities: Be completely disoriented by the sun and surface world customs. Use a ridiculously thick accent. Be thoroughly confused, and eventually annoyed with criminals (crime is RARE undergroud). Be short!
  • Group Purpose: To police magic. To eliminate restricted magic and its practitioners. Brutal force authorized. In the past 200 years, the group has been shrinking, as it has been needed less and less.
  • Individual Role: Investigating magical anomalies. Stomping evil mages.
  • Classes: Wizards are needed for many of the duties of the retainers, but are not the most frequent. Fighters are probably the most frequent, though they tend to be specialized quite differently than the typical fighter, focusing on anti-magic and trained to spot and vaguely understand magic. Rogues are valued for their stealth and social trickery, which can uncover dark magics without blowing cover. ((DM Note: This faction will most likely unlock some new feat choices and alternate class features, all specializing in combating magic. I may also see to it to modify the paladin class as the ultimate retainer. If interest is shown, this will be expanded upon.))
  • Other Classes: Sorcerers are incredibly rare, as their magical link can be uncontrollable. Druids, barbarians and rangers are rare, as most magic is of a cosmopolitan nature as opposed to rural. Clerics sometimes occur, but only when their deity detests misuse of magic. Bards and paladins rarely fit within the strict rules of the group.
  • RP Opportunities: Be a badass who hunts the deadliest thing alive, mages. Be from the far north, and thus unfamiliar with local custom and THIS MOLTEN HOT WEATHER, PELOR CHRIST! Walk the fine line between faithful protector of the innocent and unthinking zealot who kills all he does not understand.
Sons of Vaknama
  • Group Purpose: Reunite Sarem to Vaknama, freeing its people from the oppressive Polemarch Esbern and his council.
  • Individual Role: An average Sarem resident who lost much to Esbern’s policies, who will do whatever it takes to see that Sarem is safe and eventually returned to its rightful ruler.
  • Classes: Most common is fighters, rogues and the occasional pugalist.
  • Other Classes: Most other classes are very rare.
  • RP Opportunities: This is your home, and its very important to you. Foreigners, a plague or just misunderstood? Adrugans, all evil or just a corrupt leader? Potential illiteracy!

The Paper Mages

  • Group Purpose: Expand the accessibility and reach of arcane magic worldwide. Usher in a new era of prosperity via arcane magic.
    *Individual Role: You doanything you can to bring arcane magic to those who do not have it. Some do this for rank within the group. Others are purists, and think that furthering magic is the philosophically right thing to do.
  • Classes: Wizard. Occasionally a sorcerer gets in. Rarely a bard. Very rarely a rogue or cleric.
  • Other Classes: None. If you can’t pull off arcane magic, you aren’t much use.
  • RP Opportunities: Magic is the answer, and the question is “what does the world need more of?”. Is Adruga right in taking Vaknama? Are non-magic people seriously our equals? Are we helping the lesser become equal?


Did you think Ruka was really nifty, and want to play her with her specific backstory and ties to the group? Great!
With the Adopt-An-NPC program, you can be the happy new parent of an NPC.
In all seriousness, this is a viable option. NPCs benefit from a pre-existing link to the group and its goals, and already having an established place int he world and relationship with the group.
“But how does it work?” you ask. The DM will provide you with an necessary information from the character’s past. Any information that has not been publicly revealed yet can potentially be changed. Also ability scores, class, feats and other things can be changed, but they must be loyal to what is already known of the character. Ruka, for example, is known to be strong and a very hard-hitting archer. Minor elements are she is a semi-powerful melee combatant, and isn’t the hardiest. With this in mind, you could rebuild Ruka as a pure strength based archer using the ranger class, or as a ranged and melee combatant using fighter, or a barbarian who had not used her rage as of yet (though this would go against her minor trait of not being hardy).
It is worth noting that the backstory the DM puts forth is also malleable, as is the personality of the character. You take full control, but you must remain somewhat faithful to what has already been established, otherwise you might as well create a new character.

NPCs who may qualify for adoption

  • Ruka
  • Aaron (upon leg being restored)
  • Amol (upon clan being established topside)
  • Skiff
  • Jerim (Amol’s captured thief)
  • Kas the Bitch (adrugan (non-military) sea-captain docked in Sarem)
  • Kolus (of Kolus’ Boat Rentals)
  • Severin (of Severin’s Used Wares)
  • Hidey (the illiterate sailor swindled out of a mithral brestplate)
  • Squib
  • Phent (the watch investigator)
  • Glycon (friendly paper-mage, Nikon’s uncle)
  • Slightly insane Ulmratian sea-captain whose name I currently forget (also, drug problem)

NPCs who do NOT qualify for adoption (and why)

  • Clyde Faskeda (hostilities, quest related)
  • Polemarch Esbern (too powerful politically, too busy)
  • Bolton (too powerful politically, too busy)
  • Any Church of Rao sage (too powerful politically, too busy)
  • Final Boss (already being played by another player)

Player Factions

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