The Broken Wheel

Welcome Dave, Jess and Sam. Anyone else here is also welcome, but I doubt you’ll find anything that useful.

Check out the above tabs.
*You are currently at the Home tab. It’s pretty useless after the first reading.

  • Adventure Log is probably the most important one. Click it to view the write-ups for our game sessions.
  • The wiki is also useful, but mostly because the Adventure Log references it. The characters tab is about the same way. There are a couple of placeholder pages that only have a few lines of text; they will be filled out later. If you see a red link, that means nothing is on the page yet. Feel free to add information wherever you can (and where the site allows).
  • On the Characters tab you can view all the PCs and NPCs I’ve bothered to make entries for. On your own character’s page you can add his stats in case you ever misplace his sheet, a picture or any data about him.
  • The other tabs, items, forums, calendar, maps and comments, are not in use. The Maps and Comments tab may be used eventually. The others are pretty useless.

Be sure to read the Adventure Log and leave a comment.


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